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Providing the WiFi Performance & Security that Restaurants & Hotels Need

Designing and installing a fast, dependable, and secure WiFi network for your restaurant or hotel is a complex task that requires experienced WiFi engineers to get it done right. Not only do you need to find a team that specializes in the hospitality industry, but you also need one that can craft solutions based on your existing infrastructure and create headroom for future upgrades. 

Installation isn’t enough, though. Restaurants and hotels keep their guests happy with an internet connection that is trustworthy and reliable. Meeting that expectation requires a managed service provider who can give you real-time monitoring of your software and hardware performance, virus protection, 24/7 firewall health and status monitoring, system updates, content filtering, PCI assistance, and remote cloud backup solutions. 

Staley Technologies is a trusted national leader in WiFi design and installation and is a managed service provider with a long history of delivering network security solutions.

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